Trainee Solicitor Qualification Case Study

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Helping Graduates With Great Potential Achieve A Trainee Solicitor Qualification

We received an application from a graduate who had gained very high A’ Level grades and a distinction on the LPC but narrowly missed a 2:1 at degree level. As a result, this graduate was struggling to secure a training contract. She applied to us, impressing the Accutrainee team at each stage of our recruitment process and demonstrating the key skills and competencies required for a trainee solicitor.

Having successfully completed our selection process we were able to short list her for clients where we felt there was a good match. Each client that met her spotted the potential we saw and we were able to secure secondments for her to commence her training. Her training contract eventually consisted of secondments at three different organisations, two in-house seats and one in private practice.

We focused on short listing this candidate for positions where she matched the skills and experience sought by the client but also focused on putting her in front of firms who practised the areas of law she told us were of particular interest.

On the first day of her training contract she completed an induction programme with Accutrainee which explained how the secondments work, how we monitor training and development through monthly meetings with our dedicated Training Principal and how she can make the very best of the experiences gained during each secondment.

The trainee went on to receive some excellent feedback from her supervisors and was offered positions at two different organisations on qualification.

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