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Predicting trainee numbers and client secondment requests

Predicting Trainee Numbers And Client Secondment Requests For Trainee Solicitor Recruitment

Our client already had an established trainee programme in place but had become increasingly frustrated with the need to accurately predict trainee numbers years in advance and having to deal with unexpected additional trainee requirements. Due also to the reduction in trainee numbers taken on over previous years, our client felt they needed additional trainee resources to respond to the needs of its departments.

Instead of re-opening the application process for this specific need, our client turned to us to deliver a short list to them from our pool of pre-screened candidates. Short listed candidates were then required to complete our client’s own assessments so that the final selection could be made.

Together with our client, we ensured that the trainee was integrated into their trainee cohort where the trainee has consistently received very positive feedback.

We’ve also delivered trainees into large City firms where they’ve needed to respond to requests from their own clients for trainee secondees, leaving departments short-handed internally. Our service has offered them a risk free, cost effective way of ensuring they not only have the right resources in place internally but can also continue to deliver on their clients’ expectations.

London Big Ben, London is somewhere that Accutrainee provide a trainee solicitor programme.

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