As an Accutrainee you will be seconded to different firms and in-house teams but we still ensure you have opportunities to meet with other trainees so you can network, socialise and share experiences! We offer a range of social, networking and training events to all our trainees so they can feel part of a unique cohort with the added benefit that you’re all off doing very different things in very different places.

Some of our trainee events

Here is what some of our current and past trainees have said about their life as an Accutrainee!

What do you love about Accutrainee?

What are the key benefits of the Accutrainee programme?

How do you feel about the training you received at Accutrainee?

What have you enjoyed most while at Accutrainee?

What did you like most about your secondments at Accutrainee?

What are the advantages of qualifying through the Accutrainee programme?

Trainee Testimonials: ‘Here is what some of our trainees said about our unique model’