Accutrainee Scholarship - A catalyst for change in law

A Call to Action

Diversity, inclusion and equity are not new concepts. History recognises many famous examples of diversity and the positive impact they have had on the world. Even so, right now, we are seeing how difficult it can be to bring about lasting change and as a society, we are only just recognising the barriers people may face if classed as a minority or somehow different. It is not surprising that these are further highlighted by the major differences in terms of employment and the workplace; none so prevalent as the legal profession which continues to battle with a lack of diversity and inclusion within the sector. Accutrainee’s Scholarship Programme is a call to action for leaders of law firms and in-house legal departments to proactively support diversity and inclusion within the legal industry.


We are incredibly proud of our history and to date have helped 100’s of legal professionals reach qualification as well as providing some great talent to our clients.

However, we recognise there is still work to be done… and the legal industry can and must do better.

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Easy to Adopt for Legal Teams

We recognise the increasing pressure on legal teams to do more with less which is why we have designed a diversity programme that is cost effective, easy to adopt with great benefits for all stakeholders. With a very small financial commitment, sponsors of our new scholarship programme can benefit from exceptional, motivated and diverse talent creating a true win/win scenario as well as accomplishing their goal of supporting diversity within Legal.

At Accutrainee we are taking the same approach as we did back in 2012 as we look to remove the major obstacles and make it easy for legal leaders to do their part and support diversity and inclusion in law. Utilising the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), we have designed a Scholarship Programme that goes beyond simply giving work experience but offers candidates from under-represented backgrounds in our profession the opportunity to have their solicitor examinations and preparation courses fully paid for and, crucially, gain the necessary qualifying work experience to realise their dream of becoming qualified solicitors. If you were willing to partner with us, you will have access to these preselected, high quality and motivated resources. They obviously benefit from working in a busy In-house legal team or law firm which counts towards their qualification.

Diversity and Inclusion matters

In the 21st century no business that wants to be successful and make great returns can afford to ignore diversity and inclusion. Why? It’s all about talent. Attracting and retaining the best talent. That talent needs to be diverse – it’s not just a nice to have. Collaboration, problem solving, creativity and innovation are all at the heart of success for 21st century organisations. You cannot excel in these areas without different ideas and viewpoints. These only come from true diversity. More and more leading global organisations recognise this. Your clients and competitors get this. If you don’t have the right talent it will impact your bottom line and ultimately the survival of your business.


Candidate Information

Our Scholarship Programme was set up back in 2021 to address inequalities and create greater access and inclusion for the legal sector. Although we have always been committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, we recognise there continues to be a disproportionate under-representation of certain groups in the UK legal system, whether by virtue of their ethnic background, social mobility or other unique challenges. 

We have been on a journey since the Programme’s inception, and we now accept applications from candidates who reflect the diversity of communities we live and work in.

We have come together with some DE&I supporters and several forward-thinking organisations to offer a unique opportunity to qualify as a Solicitor through our Scholarship Programme, to seek to ‘level the playing field’ and create an environment where exceptional talent can be nurtured and succeed. We welcome eligible applications from those candidates from less advantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups within our profession.

About the Programme

Accutrainee continues to widen access to the legal profession by offering a unique route to qualification where trainees are sponsored to undertake their Solicitors Qualifying Examinations and provided with opportunities to get their necessary qualifying work experience to qualify as Solicitors. 

As your training partner, Accutrainee will continually monitor and assess both the work you are conducting, as well as your development throughout your training period and be there to support you every step of the way.

Who Should Apply?

Our qualifying criteria are continually assessed and adjusted based on our research. Please check our jobs page for our latest scholarship opportunities. 

The Process

The Application – We will want to gain an understanding of your personal history and achievements to date. We want to understand the journey you have taken, any obstacles you have overcome and where you want your career to lead you.

The Assessment – We will be assessing your intellectual, analytical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, communication and organisational skills with a focus on resilience, commercial awareness, teamwork, passion for law and dedication to succeed.

The Opportunity – If successful you will be enrolled onto courses to support you in attaining the SQE part 1. You will also be advised of opportunities to gain qualifying work experience at our partner organisations which may involve placements within a law firm and/or in-house departments. At a time that is appropriate to your specific needs, you will then be supported in completing the SQE part 2 as well as any outstanding qualifying work experience opportunities needed in support of your qualification as a Solicitor. 

Throughout the process, Accutrainee will provide you with support, mentoring and training; continually assessing your development to give you the very best opportunity to succeed.

Post Qualification – We will support you to find a suitable, qualified role, but it is our hope that you will be introduced to your future employer through this programme.

How to Apply – We are currently accepting applications! If you would like to make an application please check out our jobs page.