The long awaited and debated SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination) has finally come into play in the legal industry and with that, the landscape for qualifying lawyers has changed dramatically. Career paths are no longer linear.With so many different roads to qualification, how do you know which is the right one for you?

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Introducing Pathways

With over a decade of experience in helping trainees to qualify and in line with our mission at Accutrainee to be your partner in law, we have developed Pathways.

Pathways operates as your online career partner as you take the new SQE or Training Contract (TC) road to qualification.

Mapping out your individual Pathways Dashboard

Pathway uses AI to create a highly personalised user experience which enables you to create your own path.

Using a bespoke onboarding process, the Pathways’ dashboard will visually map out your individual route and the practical steps you need to take to work towards qualification.

It will also help you understand any training and development needs along the way, from technical legal skills to the wider commercial skills you need as a 21st Century lawyer.

We have partnered with the best training providers and academic institutions to bring you the highest quality content to support your learning and development – all in one dynamic and easy-to-use app.

Your dedicated training portfolio

Core to the Pathways platform is its training portfolio. This enables you to record, monitor and track your QWE against the SRA requirements, with progress updates. Pathways will track your skills and competencies as you go and identify areas of development where you might need more focus. The system encourages self-analysis and self-reflection to consider where you are at in your development and enables you to store all relevant qualification documents centrally and securely.

As the pioneers in QWE (we’ve been doing it this way for over 10 years now having built the Accutrainee model on it) we want to help you navigate not just what you need to do to qualify, but what good qualifying work experience looks like. So, in addition to setting out what you need to do, Pathways suggests how much you need to do. You will be able to track your progress with our easy-to-follow progress bars.

We want everyone who uses Pathways to get to the end of their own journey feeling like a well-rounded, fully competent solicitor.

Powering you with the right content for your pathway

Behind Pathways is a powerful and constantly evolving bank of content to support and educate. From practical exercises on skills development such as Attention to Detail and Commercial Awareness to approved core competency courses with partners and up to date, relevant articles, our aim is to bring you the highest quality content to assist you on your journey.

A career home for trainees 

We passionately believe that no candidate should feel like they are “going it alone” in the new SQE world. So, we have built Pathways as your partner in law to help you proactively manage your career and give you that clear pathway you need to become a lawyer.

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