Experts In Flexible Legal Resourcing And Trainee Solicitor Resourcing

We are the pioneers in delivering flexible junior resources to the legal profession. When others were focused on experienced contractors, we got to know and understand what great junior legal talent looks like.

How We Find You Applicants

Step 1:

Discussion with your hiring manager to understand your specific needs

Step 2:

Preparation of suitable shortlist from our prescreened database of quality candidates

Step 3:

Your hiring manager will select candidates from the shortlist to interview

Step 4:
Start Date

Once a candidate is selected we will agree a suitable start date and finalise documentation

Step 5:

Our HR team will be in touch to arrange onboarding

Innovating legal talent: 10 years of flexibility with junior legal talent

Number of candidates on our database.
Of our graduates secure one or more job offers on qualification.
of our current cohort identify as BAME.
stop shop for all your junior resourcing or career development needs – Your partner in law.

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