Insights from one of Accutrainee’s Legal Professionals on her experience at Arc Pensions

Insights from one of Accutrainee’s Legal Professionals on her experience at Arc Pensions

I came across Accutrainee at a law fair during my GDL year. I had previously moved to the UK from overseas and done a non-law degree for my undergraduate year. I was intrigued by their unique training model and impressed by the professionalism of the team at the law fair. I eventually applied for their training contract and after their rigorous recruitment process I was added to their database of successful candidates.

A few months later I received a call from Andrea – their HR manager about a placement opportunity at one of their new clients—a specialist law firm focusing on all areas of Pensions law. As I didn’t grow up here, I had no preconceptions or stereotypes associated with the word ‘pensions.’ I was told before the interview that no previous knowledge or experience was required and to treat my interview as I would for any commercial law firm.

After my interview at Arc, I knew that it was the right placement for me and after six months at the firm I can say that my initial assessment was correct. My seat has been a mix of legal areas – Pensions law with exposure to Employment, Corporate and M&A work. Instead of feeling limited or pigeonholed, I feel that the seat has prepared me well to take on any other area of law after. I have gained valuable transferable skills from the experience and can attest to the fact that the work is variable and exciting. The practice area is large and interesting with different types of specialisms. There is a good mix of advisory, transactional and some contentious work.

I have really enjoyed my time at Arc and believe that it would make an excellent seat for the right person. Because of the smaller size and tight knit nature of the firm, I have enjoyed excellent supervision and have been able to develop good working relationships with the partners and the other associates. I have been given more responsibility than I would at another firm as my work consists largely of associate level tasks. They helped me greatly with my relocation to Leeds and made the entire process much smoother and I felt welcomed by the team on my first day.

I have greatly enjoyed my time at Arc and would encourage other Accutrainees to do a seat in Pensions. It is a unique seat with a lot of potential, it will give you transferable skills and there is a strong demand for junior lawyers qualified in it.

Author: Trisha Ray with permission of Arc Pensions Law (A leading firm of specialist pension lawyers focusing entirely on workplace pension schemes).

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