For Trainees

Tools for supporting healthy remote working

Accutrainee has been seeking out some specific tools that can assist in developing healthy remote working practices which we thought may be helpful to our wider audience. We have compiled a list that we or our clients have found useful…
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Lesley O Neill - training contract

Lesley O’Neill – Newly Qualified Accutrainee

At Accutrainee, we focus on offering unique and flexible in-house training contracts. As an SRA registered training establishment, you’ll not only benefit from the opportunity to work with a variety of firms, but also receive dedicated mentoring and support throughout your training…
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My First Trainee Secondment

Before starting my first trainee secondment in July this year, I had already researched the client and met my future boss. However, not knowing exactly what was to come on my first secondment to a client still proved a little…
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The advantages of training with Accutrainee

How does the Accutrainee selection process compare to a traditional law firm selection process? The application process was straightforward and quick compared to many traditional law firms.  If successful at application stage, you are invited to attend an HR interview with…
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My Training Contract Journey

Author: Charles Laporte-Bisquit (Qualified Solicitor via Accutrainee) As you embark on what could be a two-year journey of gainful employment in a law firm or company, my main advice to those reading this blog entry is to obtain as wide…
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