Conversations in Law – Episode 2 – Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a particularly ‘hot’ topic in any industry but with recent scrutiny of law firms, it is important to know what law firms are doing and why effective Diversity and Inclusion policies are important. To help with this discussion I talk to Dr Catherine McGregor about her experiences working with law firms on diversity and inclusion and how a diverse workspace can benefit firms.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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Dr Catherine McGregor started out her career as a university lecturer but since then has started the Chambers Women in Law initiative and whilst editor of GC Magazine she produced a number in insightful reports into diversity and inclusion in the in house legal profession.
Currently, she is an independent advisor to law firms and legal departments with a key focus on analysing the practical steps in creating diversity and inclusion initiatives – but, as if that wasn’t enough, Catherine is also an Ambassador for Global Leaders in Law and has recently published the book: Business Thinking in Practice for In-house Counsel. It looks at essential human-centred business skills and how these are impacting and changing how legal departments work. Her book is available from publishers: Globe Law and Business as well as Amazon and Waterstones.

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