Episode 1 – Conversations in Law – The search for the 21st Century Lawyer

In the first episode of Accutrainee’s Conversations in Law podcast, Hobz De Caux talks with their Director of Operations, Kevin O’Shea, about what it means to be a lawyer in the 21st Century.

This discussion raises interesting points concerning how the expectations of legal services have changed over the years and that now a lawyer is expected not only to provide legal advice but also provide sound business expertise. This need for commercial awareness is high up on the list of skills that law firms expect of applicants and Kevin O’Shea provides some useful insight into how those skills can be gained and showcased.

The conversation then turns to the rise of legal technology and whether proficiency in computing is an expected standard for legal recruits or whether an individual showcasing the necessary skills would stand out from the crowd.

For more information on these topics, please check the Accutrainee Blog and watch out for new podcasts covering topics such as: the SQE, Legal Technology and Commercial Awareness.

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