Looking to qualify as a solicitor?

Whether you are you looking to qualify as a solicitor through the traditional Training Contract route
or through the new Solicitor Qualifying Examination (SQE) route,
Accutrainee is here to help!

What’s the challenge?

We know that it’s a tough market for law graduates – there are so many changes going on in both the legal industry and legal education. The number of training contracts on offer is very volatile and the route to becoming a qualified solicitor can be lengthy, confusing and frustrating.

What’s our solution?

We have been around for 10 years and we have helped 100s of candidates qualify as solicitors through our supportive and innovative model.

The way we have operated since we launched nearly 10 years ago is essentially how the ‘new’ Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) works. I guess you could say we were a bit before our time! Therefore, no one has as much experience with this method of delivering work experience or the same level of knowledge and expertise as us in training, nurturing and mentoring trainees in this way.

We have an outstanding track record with our trainees securing at least one NQ role after qualification.

Unique – We’ve developed a unique approach which makes it easier for law firms and in-house legal teams to recruit trainees. We employ you as a trainee solicitor under a training contract or QWE and second you to our clients for a specified period of time helping you reach qualification.

Bespoke – We work hard to deliver bespoke training contracts and QWE placements with the opportunity to work in more than one organisation. Our goal is to offer you secondment opportunities that are suitable to your requirements, taking into consideration your preferred areas of law and whether you want to work in-house or in private practice.

Our trainees have the chance to experience great quality work and high levels of responsibility from day 1.

Varied – Our clients include a wide range of both in-house legal teams and law firms. From financial services firms to media and entertainment companies, from top UK and US law firms to boutique niche practice firms, we work with a very wide range of organisations so that we can source the right opportunities for you. We also cover a wide range of practice areas and were recently shortlisted in the Legal Cheek awards for best firms for the quality of work and for partner approachability. Our trainees will typically gain experience in more than one organisation during the two years of their work experience. This helps you get exposure to different cultures and environments, experiencing different areas of law and working styles so you can get a better understanding of where you want your career to take you.

Supported – You’ll also benefit from dedicated mentoring and support which we believe is unmatched in the legal profession throughout your time with us. We partner with legal professionals who act as mentors for our trainee solicitors, representing an added source of support which is external from your seconding organisation. Our mentors include current and ex-GCs as well as highly experienced current and ex-partners of top City law firms. They meet with our trainees monthly to offer advice, guidance and support ensuring trainees gain the fundamental skills they will need to become well-rounded lawyers upon qualification.

Flexible – Our trainee secondments can start at any time of the year. There is no 2 year waiting list and the earliest we have managed to get someone started on their journey was just 1 week after their assessment centre!

Diverse – Our focus is quality, diversity and inclusion. We strive to eliminate barriers and create new opportunities for our candidates. We have a strong track record with around half our trainee cohort coming from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Our goal is to capture hidden talent, all those great candidates who otherwise may slip through the net! There is one word that sums up what we are looking for: Potential. We look at every single application, in full, full stop. We will delve into you as an individual and your own specific unique journey.

As a result, our standard application forms have no specific requirements in terms of previous work experience or academic achievements as we firmly believe you are so much more than what’s on paper.

Tech – We have developed Pathways, our competency platform which will help our trainees keep track of their training portfolio, access bespoke training and mentoring and offer advice, guidance and recommendations. Not to mention somewhere where they can keep up to date with the latest social, networking and training events we offer!

What’s the selection process?

There’s no doubt about it, our selection process is no walk in the park – but that’s because we’re looking for the best and we’re willing to put time, energy and care into finding exceptional candidates. Our clients demand the best and that’s what we deliver to them. We recognise that excellent candidates sometimes slip through the net because of personal circumstances or any number of reasons. We are not put off by this – we’ll assess your skills, competencies, attitude and aptitude. If we think you have the potential to become an outstanding solicitor, we want to help you become just that.

If successful, we will start matching you with placements available from our clients, based on your previous experiences, your set of skills but also your preferences. If you are shortlisted and selected for a placement that’s when your training contract/QWE starts. You will be employed by Accutrainee and seconded to the law firm or in-house team for a fixed term period of typically 6 months or more. In this way we will take you through the 2 year training contract or QWE, mentoring you and supporting you every step of the way.



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