Are you a General Counsel, Head of Legal or a Team Leader who manages legal resource?

Do you have a promising junior colleague whom you would like to develop and help qualify? We provide the regulatory supervision, structure and know-how to take your talent through to qualification. Here’s how it works…

We offer a unique and flexible resourcing solution by employing your junior colleague as a trainee and seconding them back to you during their two-year training period.  As an SRA-authorised training establishment, we will collaborate with you to ensure all regulatory requirements are met or exceeded at all times. During the secondment, you get to observe your junior colleague’s progress and remain involved in their training. Alongside their training contract, we offer dedicated mentoring and support, which we believe is unmatched in the legal profession.

By using us, you benefit by:

  • overcoming the training regulatory barrier and not having to invest in the costly infrastructure of running a training programme
  • developing a valued member of staff
  • retaining institutional knowledge
  • reducing the cost of hiring a new employee if your valued junior colleague finds a training contract at another organisation
  • reducing headcount as we employ the trainees

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“We had an ambitious paralegal who had been with us for some time, she was an asset to the business that we were keen to retain and develop. Qualifying as a solicitor was a big part of this development but we don’t offer training contracts and didn’t feel we knew enough about the process. Accutrainee allowed us to address this problem. They employed our paralegal as a trainee and then seconded her back to us. What was important to us was that our trainee didn’t just qualify but that she had a top-quality training experience receiving the support and variety of training needed. Through ongoing contact with our trainee and us, Accutrainee took charge of ensuring all SRA requirements were met. When her training contract completed, we offered her a role as a qualified solicitor in our team. We’re always keen to retain good talent, so this solution has been great for us.”

Nick Rees, MD, Passion Distribution