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In the last newsletter I discussed our approach to training and development which is paramount to developing lawyers that can meet the business and social demands of the 21st Century. This type of forward planning and innovative thinking is very much part of Accutrainee’s DNA.

When Susan started Accutrainee in 2012, she had to overcome many obstacles to develop our unique, innovative and pioneering training contract model. It is no surprise therefore that our model so closely resembles the SRA’s new qualifying work experience aspect of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). We welcome the changes the SRA is making as an edification of our model, which positions us as the market experts because whilst everyone else is catching up, for us in many ways, it’s business as usual.

SQE Update

On the 28th October 2020, the SRA confirmed the Legal Services Board (LSB) has approved, in full, the introduction of the SQE from the 1st September 2021. While this decision serves as a good marker for the legal education’s biggest shake up in many years, it has, like many changes in the legal world taken a long time to get to this point. The SRA has stuck to its plan and is pushing this through when it would have been so easy to delay given the current pandemic. In an industry that extols the need to be perfect, the SQE will undoubtedly be imperfect and will take time to shape and refine. Accutrainee knows this better than anyone as we have over the last eight years perfected our model to deliver the very best alternative to a traditional training path.

It is a testament to Susan that the major milestone of helping over 100 trainees qualify as solicitors passed with very little fanfare, but it does act as a marker that you can have success challenging traditional thinking in Law. While it is major achievement for which she should personally be incredibly proud, she has kept the team focused on our future planning and development, some of which I am keen to share with you.

Next Steps

With many of our early goals achieved, the Accutrainee team has been focusing on the next stage in our journey. We have already had a soft launch of our flexible staffing solution, Accuflex, which offers our clients the opportunity to hire paralegals and qualified lawyers on a completely flexible basis for specific projects. Over the coming months we are excited to announce that we will be delivering on two major milestones for Accutrainee. A scholarship programme aimed at increasing diversity in Law and an advanced tech platform that will support legal professionals with their training and development needs.

The Accutrainee Scholarship Programme

Our track record for supporting diversity and inclusion within law is already good with 38% of current trainees identifying as BAME and 65% having come from outside Russell Group Universities. However, we recognise there is still work to be done…

We are taking the same approach as we did back in 2012 as we look to remove the major obstacles and make it easy for legal leaders to do their part and support diversity and inclusion in law. Utilising the SQE, we have designed a scholarship programme that goes beyond simply giving work experience but offers deserving candidates from minority backgrounds the opportunity to have their solicitor examinations fully paid for and, crucially, gain the necessary qualifying work experience to realise their dream of becoming qualified solicitors. We will be launching this over the coming months so watch this space!

Tech Platform

Accutrainee is evolving as a company and realises how important technology can be to the success of a business. While we cannot give too many details away at this early stage, we believe our new tech hub will offer candidates an incredible resource during the early stages of their development.


We are also very excited to announce that we will be launching a new podcast series, Conversations in Law, with one of our aspiring trainees Hobz DeCaux as the host. This series of podcasts will cover a wide range of subjects with pre-selected guests giving their valuable insight and commentary into the world of law. Listen to the podcast now.

Introducing some of our talented graduates

Quality and diversity are intrinsic to Accutrainee. We are extremely selective about the candidates we put forward to clients. Applicants are required to successfully complete our thorough selection process giving quality assurance to the shortlists we prepare for clients.  Here is a small selection of available candidates.

Icon candidate orange

Candidate A
Candidate A gained ACC at A-levels with a 2.1 LLB from Brunel University. She subsequently obtained a Commendation for her LPC from the University of Law.
Candidate A has recently finished her second seat at a well-known law firm where she has worked on a wide variety of commercial disputes and civil fraud matters.

Icon candidate orange

Candidate B
Candidate B gained ABB at A-levels and a 2.2 BA in music from City University. Candidate B is completing his second seat at a highly rated boutique law firm gaining experience in business crime, corruption, bribery, and extradition. Prior he gained in litigation, dispute resolution experience in a variety of patent and trademark matters.

Icon candidate orange

Candidate C
Candidate C gained AAB at A-level and a 2:1 LLB with a year abroad from The University of Warwick. She also gained a Distinction at her LPC. Candidate C has work experiences in real estate, litigation and immigration law and is currently working as a paralegal.

Accuflex Spotlight

Icon Candidate blue

Candidate A
Candidate A achieved AAB at A level and completed a 2.1 from the University of Exeter in his LLB. He recently completed his LPC achieving a distinction.
Candidate A is seeking further work experience as a paralegal. He has had prior work experience in civil litigation and family law having worked for a regional law firm.

Icon Candidate blue

Candidate B
Candidate B is an experience commercial property lawyer with over 6 years’ experience dealing with a wide range of commercial property matters for an International law firm. Having left private practice recently, she is now looking to secure interim work or an in-house position. 

Icon Candidate blue

Candidate C
Candidate C is an 8 year qualified Solicitor who has worked a number of public enquiries and is a go to resource for a number of major international law firms as a document review team leader. After completing an 18-month document review she is now looking for her next project.

If you would like to review these or other candidate CVs, or you would like to discuss how we could help with your resourcing needs, then please contact us.

Key Dates

Thursday 12 November
Digitization accelerated – perspectives from the judiciary, Intellectual Property Office, and practitioners
Location: Online Webinar

Wednesday 18 November – Thursday 19 November
Managing Risk and Litigation Conference
Location: Online

Thursday 10 December
Diversity and inclusion in the legal profession – regulation, and practical approaches for recruitment and workplace culture, wellbeing and progression
Location: Online

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