How are you adapting to remote working? An insight in to our challenges and positive outcomes during the pandemic for Trainees.

As we all adapt to a new working practices during the coronavirus pandemic, Accutrainee has been talking to some Trainees about working remotely and how it is impacting them personally and professionally. We thought we should bring these together and share them.


  • Not as easy to feel part of a team and in nearly all cases this meant missing the social aspects of working in a team.
  • Limited internet bandwidth at home meant video calls are not always possible but feel essential to gather information.
  • There has been less business as usual work, increasing the need to be more proactive in seeking out opportunities.
  • Increased stress and a growing sense of uncertainty on the current situation.
  • Feeling of isolation and disconnectedness with the goals of the business.
  • Worries about unemployment and completing their training effectively.
  • Struggling with infrastructure at home without a printer or second screen.

We were also encouraged by some of the positive outcomes working remotely can offer and we thought it would be right to share these as well, as it is not all doom and gloom. Although some these could be at odds with the challenges listed above, Accutrainee does work with a wide selection of clients who may be adapting faster or differently.


  • Enjoying the increased ownership and autonomy that working from home can offer.
  • Increased productivity due to there being more hours in the day not spent travelling.
  • In some instances, actually having more access to managers during the day when working on specific matters.
  • Increased efficiency where the right technology and tools had been deployed.
  • More time to research and formulate opinions and answers to queries.
  • Greater work/life balance.
  • Significant improvement in planning and collaboration across the business.
  • The world may experience a positive environmental impact from coronavirus.
  • Working practices could be positively impacted, moving towards objective based working rather than billable hours.

Sharing these seems to be a good opportunity for us to recognise that we may be all dealing with the current pandemic in different ways but share some common issues. Understanding how some people are coping better than others and modelling those good behaviours can be helpful.

Accutrainee appreciates any feedback from our wider audience on how they are overcoming some of challenges or what positive outcomes they may be experiencing right now and what good remote working practices they have adopted.

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